Kalash Valley Cultural Festival Beauty Scenery

Kalash Valley beyond Chitral where a separate people live, these things are part of Pakistan, but the people here live their lives according to their religion and their own way. Most of the time people go to their fair for entertainment. When their fair is held, there is a lot of fun.

From here people go there for sightseeing and some money is given to them for taking pictures and they are encouraged. You can make pictures, no money is given at that time, if you are given money of your own free will, then that is a different matter.

Along with the girls, the boys there are also beautiful and they are no less because it is a cold area and there is water from springs and apples and peaches and grapes are the most abundant here. People here are beautiful because they break apples and eat them and drink spring water because of the absence of heat.

The people here have a different religion and they are not Muslims. White faced girls are here and their cheeks are dripping with blood and they look very beautiful. They go because there is not so much beauty in our area and they look even more beautiful wearing their clothes

Some girls cover their face and some girls show their face and let me tell you a special thing, the girl who runs away from here becomes successful and gets married. If the boy and girl like each other and they manage to escape, then they get married and they return to their family and live with pomp. This has been their tradition for years. are coming

And the young boys also being handsome and wearing their clothes with a hat on their head and a hat on top of the hat, because of which they are known to be from Kalash and they used to enjoy the fair among the girls. are and try to like girls and keep trying until a girl doesn't like them some girls and boys even come back empty handed because they don't like anyone and then they move on to the next one. They wait for a year and try their luck again in the next year and that is the custom

If we talk about the clothes here, it is easily available at the stalls here and the price is not too high because it is made from cloth, people here make their own clothes and it is a Considered as a beautiful dress

Little girls and big women must keep a purse with them because you can put money etc in it and you can also put your make-up stuff in it and it is also easily available in the shops here and it is beautifully made. happens

Some girls can put a cap on their head and this cap is their identity. This cap made with good surti is very famous and wins the heart of every viewer. come

Old women are no less than others, they also participate in the fair wearing their cultural dress and enjoy the fair and keep an eye on every girl who starts running and does not let her succeed, that is their enjoyment.

And some boys mingle freely with girls and enjoy their life and dance holding hands in the middle of girls and watch the fair themselves and this is their fair known in the whole world and people from far and wide come thousands of times. They travel miles to see this festival and see people and here they take memorable pictures of this festival in the eye of the camera and make the moments of their life beautiful.

Our whole group had gone here and we were scheduled to stay here for five days and our friends got separated from us at the festival because it is very crowded and then we met each other in our room. It was great to do the photography, I will remember this moment