Snowfall and beautiful mountain scenery of Kargil

The place of Kargil where snow is only snow and it is at a height of 13 thousand eight hundred and eight meters above other parts of Pakistan and here it is very cold, negative temperature and time and very few people go here because Due to road closures one has to walk and it is very difficult to walk in snow, special cold protection equipment is required for walking here and the place is very beautiful.

Here you will see snow on all sides and whoever passes by will see his feet stuck in snow. You can visit here in June, July and August. Apart from that, it snows here and it is very cold. The roads are closed due to the snow white mountains look very beautiful this sight was seen in my eyes for the first time

The peaks of the mountains are very good and climbing here is very difficult and not possible. The view from a distance is very good. It is not an easy task to climb the mountains of snow. Special training is given. Many athletes have lost their lives.

Then our caravan moved forward and we were eager to see such a beautiful place as we were passing by and we were having so much fun seeing so many beautiful sights. And my body was also shivering with cold because of wearing warm clothes I was safe

In winter or spring they are completely white and when summer comes some mountains melt and the water flows into rivers as you can see some mountains have snow and half the mountains are empty.

But when we went further and reached a colder area, we found that five to eight feet of snow had fallen here and the snow was visible here.

There are very few tourists who come here for fun, big vehicles drive here, four-by-four vehicles are successful here and the drivers here are experts to drive on such routes and never by themselves. You should not drive on roads that you don't know. We also parked our cars at one place and traveled with rental cars because the drivers who came along the way knew about these beautiful mountains. side and he was well aware of these paths

Walking in the snow was very difficult but very fun
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