Share your battle - Elven Cutthroat joins the Order of the Silver Shield!


Hi guys, in this week's battle challenge i bring you the ELVEN CUTTHROAT x Silvershield Collab battle xD

This week's theme is Elven Cutthroat, so i decided to fit it in a team where we would be able to make full use of its ability: Sneak.

For the newer players, Sneak allows you to target the last monster on the enemy Team.

Here are the rulesets of the match:

Healed Out: all healing abilities are removed form monsters and summoners.
Reverse Speed: monsters with the lowest speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.

After seeing this ruleset I decided to go for a sneak team since Sand Worm is pretty much a guaranteed hit with its 1 speed.

I predicted that my opponent would use Sand Worm as well, so i used Lorna Shine (gives all your monsters divine shield) to counter their Sand Worm.

Another reason i used Light splinter was because of silvershield knight and its Inspire ability, allowing me to increase the damage my sneak team could do.

Here is my (badly cropped) team, from the first(left) to the last(right) monster.

I used silvershield paladin as my tank, 3 sneak monsters, 1 magic monster(in case the enemy has the shield ability) and Silvershield Knight for Inspire(+1 melee attack)

Why did i put my knight at the end if i know there will be a Sand Worm on the enemy team? Well, he's the only monster in the backline with a shield on him, so he will be able to tank 2 hits from Sand Worm at least, since we also have divine shield.

Without further ado, lets head into battle!

You can watch this exciting battle here


My opponent also picked a melee team with both Sneak and opportunity monsters. His summoner gives +1 melee damage and coupled with Silvershield Knight's inspire, all his monsters have +2 melee damage. Thankfully i had divine shield allowing me to negate most of his attacks in Round 1. I managed to defeat one of his monsters while my monsters merely lost their divine shields.

In this round, Sand worm managed to defeat the enemy Cave slug while my Silvershield knight tanks a 7 damage attack from sand worm with his 1 Armor🤑 mad stonks right there. Meanwhile my temple priest is slowly chipping away at his chain golem while silvershield paladin tanks chain golem's 5 attack with 1 Armor😂 Elven cutthroat and Feral spirit both attack and chip away sand worm's health, although Feral Spirit misses

In this round, my sand worm moves first, taking out the enemy sand worm before he can hit my Silvershield Knight. Both feral spirit and elven cutthroat hit the enemy Silvershield Knight, removing his armor and setting up sand worm for the kill next round.

In this last round, sand worm defeats silvershield knight while temple priest finally defeats Chain golem🎉

Battle Reflection:

  1. I underestimated the effect of high speed in a Reverse Speed ruleset. Both Feral Spirit and Elven Cutthroat missed a bunch which might have cost us the game if it was a close fight.
  2. I got lucky as my opponent spread out his damage by using a mix of opportunity and sneak. Has he used pure sneak monsters like me, my Silvershield knight might have been dead by round 1
  3. It was a good call to add a different type of attack (magic in this case) to the team. Temple priest was able to consistently deal damage to Chain Golem through its Armor and Shield ability. Without him Chain Golem might have been able to shred our team.

Thanks for reading! If you haven't joined Splinterlands yet and you would like to, feel free to use my link here, i'll delegate you some cards to help you climb :)


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