Mushrooms During Dry Season Or Dry Season

I had a bad day entering the forest, because my hand was bitten by a bug. But that doesn't affect the effect that the insect emits, but feels a little sore and numb in the hand when holding other objects. So right now I only have a few mushrooms that I can find.

Meripilus sumstinei, commonly known as giant polypore or black-stained polypore, is a species of fungus in the family Meripilaceae. Originally described in 1905 by William Alphonso Murrill as Grifola sumstinei, it was transferred to Meripilus in 1988. It is found in North America, where it grows in large clumps on the ground around the bases of oaks and tree stumps. Source Wikipedia

Finding every mushroom is not easy as it takes time and effort, to enter the forest, but a few weeks ago in our area we had hot weather again so it was very difficult to find some other beautiful mushrooms. I myself am not an expert in mushrooms at all, whether the mushrooms I found are edible or not, usually we consume oyster mushrooms and the like, like this mushroom I have never seen anyone eating them in my area.

I am very sure that the two types of mushrooms above cannot be eaten, from their point of view it can already be seen that these mushrooms are not edible. Because I've searched various sources about mushroom, but I did not find that this mushroom can be eaten. Here is our wild edible.

1. Oyster Mushroom
Oyster or pearl mushrooms are one of the edible mushrooms in Indonesia, so they are made into many delicious preparations, from sautéing or deep-frying. This fungus is also very easy to find on the market at a very affordable price, so it's no wonder that it is liked by many people.
This mushroom has a wide and large shape with a rather dull white color. Oysters are so named because their shape resembles a pearl oyster shell. The bottom is fine fibrous, the texture when it's cooked is almost like chicken meat.
2. Champignon / Button Mushrooms
Champignons or commonly known as button mushrooms can also be eaten and are quite popular in Indonesia. These champignon mushrooms can be cooked into a variety of delicious dishes.
3. Portable mushroom
Portable mushroom is a type of edible mushroom that is widely known in Indonesia. Portable is very suitable for consumption by roasting, sautéing, or as an addition to the sauce on hamburgers and steaks.
This one fungus has a large and wide size, the head is in the shape of a round umbrella. Then at the bottom of the umbrella is blackish brown fiber. Before washing it smells a little pungent, so it's best to wash it clean before consuming it.
4. Ear Mushrooms.
Ear fungus has a widened and slightly curly shape, does not have a hood or umbrella like other fungi. When cooked, the texture is chewy and crunchy. The color is brownish black, easy to find on trees. Its properties are very good to help prevent blockages in blood vessels and reduce high blood pressure.
5. Jamur Shiitake
Shiitake has a broad and round umbrella shape. Besides that, it also has various health benefits, including helping blood circulation, controlling cholesterol, increasing body immunity, as well as being an antioxidant. Consuming it regularly can also help prevent cancer because it is anti-carcinogenic as well as anti-microbial. Source

And there are still very many other types of mushrooms that can be consumed, these are just a few examples that I took in the article, identifying edible mushrooms. And below are the mushrooms that I usually eat, I call them banana root mushrooms or Shiitake mushrooms.

Thank you. Hopefully can help


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