Rare Items That Are Hard to Find

This afternoon I returned to visit the nearest beach, so this time I was just looking for some that I thought were unique, barely visible objects that would be very useful. From a distance of 2 meters you can't see it at all because it's really small, so this afternoon I'm specifically looking for small things, because I've seen big things so often.

Incidentally, I got what I wanted from before, such as shells which in my opinion are very unique, because inside there are several other animals that have turned into rock (hard), these things are very rare to find.

Nature is unique in my opinion, this is not edited but I got it real

However, what made me very confused, the seaweed seeds that were stranded in the sand had something strange, why not, from the other side they looked like sea shells and when turned over they looked like plant seeds. A little weird but true.

From these two pictures you can tell the difference

Chunks of wood that have created its beauty

Crab hands that have been broken and have been empty

Sea hermit crabs who like to steal snail shells

The sea snail is gone but the shell has formed beautifully

Sea flowers or seaweed carried by the currents of the ocean waves


This must be very familiar to us, as the Pine fruit/Fir

Thank you, I hope this is useful and entertaining.


CameraSmartphone Gcam
LocationBeach Aceh
PhotographerBy Me @aceh.potrait


Nice patern in coral and last picture., i like patern. "Sea hermit crabs who like to steal snail shells" this one is unique , lucky u got that 👍