AskLeo - What's The Most Important Thing Hive Bought You?

Hive is an ever-expanding and highly addictive ecosystem. I've been around for 4.5 years and I plan on being active in this community for my entire life. It is my special virtual family.

In this post, I want to address an important topic that was inspired to me by @taskmaster4450. I saw yesterday a tweet from Task linked to a post of some Hive user who managed to buy himself a brand new phone thanks to his Hive earned tokens.

I don't remember the user's name, but I'm sure that if you check Taskmaster's tweets you will find it. As said in my comment to that tweet, I love such stories. I simply do because Hive is probably one out of 100 blockchains that really have a real-life use case.


I bought my first DSLR thanks to Hive, but the most important thing that Hive bought me was free time(freedom). I know, we have a whole different experience on this blockchain, with slightly different expectations and visions, but in the end, we all like earning tokens for whatever we do around here.

I chose for myself the path of becoming a full-time content creator and for a while, I really managed to live entirely from my earnings with Hive. That's why I say that Hive bought me free time. It kept me away from a regular 9-5, probably a quite unpleasant one and this is massive for me.

For someone who's worked all sorts of jobs, but didn't really like any, in particular, being able to make a living by creating content on a decentralized blockchain is tremendous.

During the bear market, it will be almost impossible to achieve that(living entirely off Hive), but even so, I can say that I'm paying some bills with Hive earned money. Hence, the most important thing Hive bought me was time. What about you?

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The most important thing hive brought me is relieving me of school stress when am tired, bored due to school work all I have to do is login to hive and read other people post and before you know it I even forget I am tired before.