LeoFinance Is All The Tribe You Need For This Bull Market

Bull markets come and go. The ride up feels so strong and euphoric and the energy is so unbearable that we most of the time forget to take profits during such tremendous times. I sure know I have already two bull market profits wasted under my belt just because I forgot to sell. Maybe next time...

Plenty of us consider bear markets to be painful, but this pain is self-created. If one would take advantage of a proper bull market and take off the table enough profits to make it till the next bull market, as I am planning to do this cycle, then the bear market is no longer painful.

It rather becomes a great opportunity to build yourself a strong portfolio for the next bullish cycle. Moreover, you can earn interest on your bull market profits if you decide to park these profits in HBD and put that into generating passive income for you through the HBD savings feature.


It's easy to get carried out during a bull market and miss taking these juicy profits off the table, especially when you follow the wrong influencers. Now I won't go out saying that PlanB or RektCapital are guilty of my poor performance in 2021. Yes, they shilled some exuberant targets for the bull market top that I have blindly followed and thus missed on that "meat in between" that matters in making money with crypto.

But, the decision was mine. While these two fuckers were shilling exuberant targets for a potential peak for that wave, some of the @leofinance community members, @trumpman being one of them, sent "a warning" in the community that $50k might be a good point to sell, or at least start your DCA out of the market. Who listened?...

I was reading an interesting tweet today from Tyler Burden of Zerohedge that made me reflect on Leofinace and how we could be leveraging this community for making the most out of the current bull market. Here you have the tweet:

Highly recommend you create your own little community of friends.
All three of the last bull cycles I had a tiny circle of friends in a Telegram/Discord that we shared ideas together, edge or private sales etc.
Cuts out all noise online & makes you a better trader and person.

You see...

We don't need such a telegram group, we are such a group as a crypto community on Hive. We even have our own microblogging app that makes sharing real-time events and news with the members of the community even easier. So, I said a few months ago that I believe March 2023 will mark the beginning of the new bull market.

@taskmaster4450 wrote in a comment on a post of mine a few weeks/months ago that he believes Q2 of this year will see the market changing trend. We don't know yet who's gonna be on spot with such a prediction and it doesn't even matter, what matters is that when having alike people around you it is easier to take wiser and more profitable decisions regarding your investments.

@khaleelkazi shilled RUNE on Leofinance when it was something like $0.3(I don't remember the price exactly) and whoever bought that coin at that price and had the patience to hold to it to at least $10 per coin could have made a lot of money by following Khal's shill. You don't have to buy what Leofinance people buy, but paying attention to this crypto-oriented community will profit you in both good and bad times more than CT will.

I am with Leofinance since October 2020 and believe me that there has been plenty of good financial advice running around here over the years. That makes me say that LeoFinance is probably all the tribe you need for this bull market. Think of that for a second...

Thanks for your attention,

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