My Teacher's Assessment

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Teaching is among the professions I respect in the world.
Without a teacher, I don't think there would be other professionals. Because every profession was taught by a teacher. Teachers play a crucial role in a country because they transform lives, support dreams, and expand the limits of human achievement.

The teachers are responsible to guide, educate, and raise children so they can contribute positively to the nation.
I give kudos to the teachers because they taught us how to write and read. The writing and reading stage it's the most difficult aspect of learning.

Everyone in this ecosystem has passed through the elementary stage before we reached the stage where we are now.

Apart from teaching students specific academic abilities, a good teacher also nurtures students' self-esteem.
Self-confidence is paramount in someone's life, this will make you attain the peak in your career.

There are both good and poor teachers in the teaching profession. I have experience with both categories in the past.
I have certain teachers who would rank among the best and worst teachers if I had to rate my teachers.

I will be discussing my teacher's grade below:

     Best Teacher

The best teacher may be hard to identify because every teacher has a different method of teaching. And every person has a unique personality. However, I will rate my teachers according to their potential. Some teachers have a greater impact on students than only teachers.

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Mrs Adigun will be my best teacher, and I will give her a 10/10. While I was in high school, this person was my chemistry teacher.
Every scientist knows that chemistry is one of the subjects that needs a good tutor. Because it deals with both practicals and theories.

Mr Wale was our chemistry teacher when we were in the first year of the senior secondary school division. He was a good teacher. However, he was fast with his teachings and didn't care if you understood or not. Because he teaches a lot of subjects, he doesn't have time to teach for student satisfaction.

As a result of our complaint to our year tutor, when we started SS 2 third term, Mr Wale was changed to Mrs Adigun. Now, the teacher was better.
Mrs Adigun began by focusing on the practical components, increasing our practicals from twice weekly to three times weekly.

Even individuals with poor memories were able to understand the practicals since they understood every step of the process. She continued with the theory aspect and extended the lecture period with additional houses.

Our lecture days now included Saturdays. She used to teach us for four hours throughout the weekend classes,
and we won't feel like stopping after the end of the class.

 Reasons Why She's The Best

She was passionate about her job, and she understood the subject fully. She would explain every aspect easily without any notes.
She always wants the best for her students. Even during weekends when she was supposed to be resting, she would come to the class and impact knowledge on everyone.

She was a patient teacher and gave room for questions. She understands there are different learning categories, the fast learners and the slow learners.
She would not proceed if 90% of the class did not understand any topic. I have seen a case where she repeated a topic for one week.

After everyone was satisfied, she then left the topic.
Only a few teachers can do this; other teachers will refer you to your classmates so they can teach you further. Some don't permit questions.

In addition to her area of work, she would support you if you needed counselling and give you the greatest guidance to help you succeed. There are so many qualities about her that I can't list them all.

 The Worst Teacher

Every good thing in life has a terrible counterpart
We have both excellent and poor teachers. These are the teachers who don't care about your education or future.
They would assure you that their salary would be paid monthly whether you succeeded or failed.

I will choose Mr Akadri, our agricultural teacher, as the worst teacher I ever had an encounter with.
I will rate him 2/10 because he has a lot of bad attributes.


The number 1 reason he was the worst teacher Is because he was lazy. Mr Akadri will distribute our test and exam for students for marking.
He would bring our test papers to each class for grading, he would call someone to write them on the board.

Students are wise, whenever the student writes on the board. Some would cut a new sheet of paper and re-write the correct answers.
So people scored high percentages in this subject.

If you want to mark an exam script, you can approach him, and he will grant you access.
Just get him some cold Coca-Cola drinks and a burger.
If you want to score high marks in your exam, just get him some snacks and tell him the grade you want. This man will do it.

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He also possessed the following bad characteristics: He always claimed ownership of anything he seized from a student.
Since wearing black sandals to school was frowned upon, I could still clearly recall he seized one from me. My second sandal, however, was damaged at the time, so I had to wear my black sandal to school then.

Mr Akadri seized this sandal, and the following day he wore it to class. I had to confront him because I was so angry and told him that he had no right to wear my sandal. Then this man broke into laughter and said I should report to the authorities, maybe I would win the case.

I reported the case to the principal, funny enough, a lot of parents had reported this kind of problem to the principal before I did. The principal was not kind to him as a result; he instructed him to return my sandal and to quit all of his bad practices.

In conclusion, good teachers motivate their students to learn, support them and give their best to their students to assist them in reaching their academic goals.

On the other hand, bad teachers can harm the intellectual and personal development of their students.
This might result in poor academic achievement and peer rejection.
Bad teachers should change their ways and deliver better teaching abilities.

 Thank You All For Reading 


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Wow, in everything in life there is always good and the bad ones.

Your chemistry teacher was a lovable woman who will definitely reap the wonderful deeds she had done. While the Agric teacher was an awful man, he is just a lazy and wicked individual that doesn't worth to be called a teacher at all


You are very right dear. Recently I saw my chemistry teacher's picture in the UK, she was invited by her daughter.

Good deeds will always pay back, no matter how long it takes.

Thank you for stopping by dear, you are amazing!!


Wow that's good to know

The pleasure is mine


I could remember I was one of the students that do mark for teachers when I was in high school and truth be told it was a tiring job and you will see me grumbling everytime because almost all the teachers in my high school likes me and they will always come for me to mark but there was a time I turn down one teacher because I have to go home quickly that day. She was mad at me as if she do share her salary with me😂😂.

Like some teachers are just funny😂 and Mr Akadri is one of them. Like how will he collect a student's sandal and wore it to school the next day🧐. So you guys share the same size of sandal or does he just wants to show his crazyness😂?

God bless the other teacher Mr wale that taught you chemistry, we need a lot of people like him in this world we are.


I marked for Mr Akadri, my hand almost swollen.
Some teachers gave us marks as well, but this Mr Akadri is worst, so someone that has you in mind will intentionally give you a bad mark.

The case has happened before , the guy called for his script and it was clearly shown that the guy passed but he was marked down.

The teacher was queried. Mr Akadri can seize anything from you and it will be automatically his own.

So you have such experience too, lol. Some teachers are damn lazy.

Thank you for stopping by dear, you are amazing!!!


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