Hi house. Happy Saturday. I love the sound of music in today's background. Sounds of rain as usual, 😄

This happens to be the last Saturday of July, and every last Saturday of the month serves as the day set aside for cleaning the whole city. It is called the day of sanitation. The governor of our state gave instructions that once in every month everyone should come out and clean up the whole environment. So, for some years now that is what have been happening in my state.

People go to their work place not to work but to clean up the surrounding. If anyone is caught doing his/her business without cleaning up the surrounding, that individual will pay some fine. No car should be seen moving around, no shop should be opened and no any other business should be carried out during this period. It is slated to start from 8am to 10am and every shop Will be opened again and cars will begin to move from one place to another for the normal days business.

But for us in particular in my area, we decided to make it a community work. Everyone is asked to come out of his/her house with either cutlass, hoe, broom or machete to be used for clearing up the surroundings.

To our amazement, people came out in their numbers and joined hands together to work. And when coming, everyone brought their materialsnfor work. The work was done within some couple of hours because of the turn up. You know that when people are working with all their hearts, the work normally moves faster.

After the work, we all went back home for our normal house chores for Saturdays. Those who were to go to their work place went on and the sanitation was brought to an end with joy.


I learnt alot today. First, I learnt that doing things together makes it faster and smoothly.

Secondly, I also learnt that everyone has his/her own special gift. Because everyone did different work as we all came out.

Thirdly, I saw the need to keep our environment clean. Because they say that cleanliness is next to godliness. And I believe it. Because when your environment is neatly keep, you will leave a healthy life.

Thanks for the day. I do appreciate your hopping in to my blog.
See you next time.

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