Ask Leo - What is the best way to deal with financial stress?

In this day and age, financial stress has become an epidemic that we cannot go a day without hearing about someone losing their home, job or family member due to financial stress. But what exactly is financial stress? It's the feeling you get when something goes wrong in your life and you feel stressed, anxious and depressed. For example, imagine you have two jobs to make ends meet, but it's not enough. You feel overwhelmed by the bills piling up and you know something needs to be done. This is just one example of how financial stress can manifest itself in your life.

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What is financial stress?

Financial stress is a real problem that can affect anyone. It can have various reasons, such as unexpected expenses, an unexpected bill and unemployment.

This could be caused by an unexpected expense, a medical emergency, or even an unexpected job loss. These events can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, especially if you are not prepared for them. However, some said that proactively budgeting to know how much money you have coming in and going out each month helps manage financial stress. Some said that saving some money or starting a side job to pay your bills and avoid debt can reduce stress. This could be true because when I looked at it, debt was the most stressful. If you think you have a debt to pay, there is no way to get the rest of your mind. But if there is no such thing as debt, there will be a peaceful mind

However, we all experience financial stress, but not everyone knows how to deal with it and put an end to it. So from what I said before, what other way can we deal with stress that comes with a financial aspect.

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