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Inorganic fertilizer

Due to my absence from home I was not be able to post anything in this community for some weeks, I keep sharing about finance and other crypto related topics because I was out from my home to share you guys my farm progress and other stuffs in the garden. Honestly I missed my home but I don't have choice I have to stay away from my comfort zone and look for a better life for my self.

I'm sure you understand what a man always go through looking for a job, I have to travel out there to look for opportunities and leave my farm garden behind. Although I've weed the grass, plants a maize and done the tilling to control the weed before I leave, so I think I don't have much to do in the garden since have already make everywhere clean for the plants.

Honestly growing a successful farm garden takes a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication which I think you can't do it alone especially if you're kind of person that don't stay often at home. But I would say farming/gardening is a great way to grow fresh product and enjoy the beauty nature outdoor.

However, when I came back, I noticed the soil nutrients is not enough for the crops to grow well, some part of the crops are not growing like others which means the soil need some nutrients to ensure the crops grow healthy and strong.




All the maize are planted the same-day but some looking more healthy than others

So I think applying fertilizer will be an essential solution to provide the necessary nutrients for the plants to grow and have bountiful harvest.

Applying it can be a great way to improve soil fertility and increase crop yields but you have to apply it correctly to get the best results in your farm crops.

How to apply fertilizer and the corrective way of applying it to your garden


Before applying fertilizer you have to understand the moisture of your soil because there are different types of fertilizers, and each has its own unique benefits to the plant when applied in right time, likewise have it own drawbacks.

I think I'm familiar with two different types of fertilizer, Organic and Inorganic fertilizer. The organic one are those made of animals manure and bone meals, mostly they are liquid fertilizer but the one I'm applying is Inorganic which are made from synthetic materials and chemicals.

I think I go for inorganic fertilizer because they are cheap and provide immediately boost to the plant before the time of harvest, however they can have negative impact on the crops if not used appropriately.

Method of Applying

We have different method of applying fertilizer to the soil, we have side-dressing, top-dressing and broadcasting, but the one that is appropriate at the stage of my crops are side-dressing.



Side-dressing is the process of placing the fertilizer next to the plant roots, this method is kind of different from Top-dressing where you have to sprinkle the fertilizer to the soil. You can only do this method of topdressing before you grow your plant or when the crops are still young.



Honestly It is important to understand the nutrients that your plants need and find the best method to fill those nutrients to the roots of the soil for healthy growth, I would say applying fertilizer in the right way is essential for getting the best out of your farm garden, but applying too much or lack of knowledge can have bad effect on your plants.

Thanks for your attention, I hope you learned a new thing today


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