My first day with Leothreads

Leothreads has a good working design exactly like Twitter, it supports creating threads and comments, but the difference is clear, with Leothreads we can earn Crypto on our engagement which is not possible with Twitter.

Leothreads is definitely real when I visit today that it was launched, I have a great experience and meet new friends, it's just a fun place to be.

my experience today

When I visited the leothreads page, I was so excited to see the shape of the project as it was announced. At that point, the #thread is still at 1.6k, which is still far from our goal of 20k. I was so eager to create a #thread, but with all my efforts I couldn't create one.

I don't know what's wrong with the thread not being created, but I think it may be a bug with my browser or my connection, since I can reply to other people's threads, there's nothing wrong with the site.

In just 13 min I was there, got involved commenting on other people's threads and it was fun.

Crypto earned with Leothreads is underrated

But in the short time I've been interacting with Leothreads, I've already made some rewards that I'd still struggle to get if I made a long post without even create a single #thread just by replying, I've earned these;

  • $0.50 from Hive and HBD
  • Pizza 🍕
  • Beer

I can't believe it with little time I spent.

Thank you @leofinance for this design site.

Leothreads if for everyone

If you're still having trouble finding the page, get in via the link and let's pump the #thread to 20k

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Great Post! I'm glad that everyone's excited about LeoThread!!


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