October HPUD: Build up account is most important for minnows




Here again in October to continue the path of growing my hive account, which is a good time to do so due to the cheaper price of coins in the market.

Today's PowerUp makes it the 5th Hive Power Up in the Hive blockchain. Although not consecutively as I have been out at times without taking it as a habit, coming back last month with full concentration to build my hive account was a good step for me.

September PowerUp gets my HP to 1000 which I'm still sticking to grow more. I'll make it a habit to grow more HP during this bear time.
However, after the September PowerUp, I managed to increase my account by 2%, which is very bad. The month is not as productive for me as expected. I thought it was my birthday month (September) that would be better, but after publishing over 60 posts, I ended up adding 57 hives via creating content and engagement in September.

October HPUD

Since I have already committed to continuing the habit of stacking the hive every month, I don't want anything to make the goal unattainable. I pull some HBD in my wallet to get a hive. I think the market is more favorable to buying cheap hives for 48 cents.

I Powered 100 hive which makes my current power 1157 HP.

New month goals

  • 2/3 posts every day
  • Communicate with different 10 users every day
  • Be active on Leothread with 10 threads per day
  • 1300 HP
  • 40% stake in Leo #LPUD
    I believe I can achieve all these if I stick to them and keep an eye on them.

Yes!! Yes!!! It is Independence Day here in Nigeria.

images 31.jpeg

Happy Independence my Nigerian on blockchain

See you next month November HPUD before then be safe

Thank you for reading

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