Visiting a historical house in Golestan province

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Visiting a historical house in Golestan province

Hello friends

My husband and I had a trip to the north with a tour. This beautiful city had several places to visit, including a historical place that we visited with our tour friends.

Unfortunately, the citizens of this city were religious and they objected to my clothing. As you can see, I was wearing a hat and no scarf or shawl.

So I faced objections from some men and it made me a little sad and anxious
Anyway, every region has its own beauty and problems, and this was part of our trip

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beautiful flower

This historical place and beautiful building had turned into a cultural place and it was an office

Its interior and exterior design was also beautiful and I felt good about being there

This flower was really beautiful in my opinion, that's why I photographed it

In any case, historical places are always very valuable to us, although we have not done our best to preserve and maintain all of them, and sometimes we have even destroyed some of them, unfortunately.

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resting after hours of walking

I rested on the way

We had been walking for several hours and the weather was hot, so I was tired and wanted to rest for a few minutes
We were even taking pictures at the same time
I almost had little patience left for sightseeing and now that I think about those moments, I am happy that it passed and I am now at home and I have moments of peace.

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what a lovely house, it must be full of history.

that old architecture is really pretty