A Competitive Madden 23 Match vs the Dolphins!

Had a pretty decent back and forth game against the Dolphins awhile back. I've been doing pretty good recently. Had a fourteen game win streak recently and my record currently sits at 105-70. Pretty good!

I've seen on Instagram that the Titans have been interested in trading for the top pick in this year's NFL Draft!

Hmmm. Pretty interesting!! Right now the Bears have the top pick in the draft. Not sure what a trade for the top spot would look like.

Tannehill? Burks? A lot of picks? Several mid level players? Who on the Titans would the Bears want? I doubt they'd bring Tannehill in, it would just make no sense for multiple reasons for the Bears unless they don't believe in Fields which I doubt is the case. Fields still has loads of potential and had some great performances in 2022/23.

I assume there's a fair chance a trade up for the Titans would mean they want a QB. But I really have no idea. I need to look into the draft more LOL.

Probably after the Super Bowl. I might even throw on some draft videos as I play Madden or something.

Hive on folks!!

Hive is on the rise last I saw 👀.....