A Stunner in Seattle! Madden 23 - Are the Seahawks going to commit to QB Geno Smith?

A pretty thrilling game against the Seahawks! Came down to the wire! Geno vs Tannehill! I bet a lot of people never would have guessed these two would be starters in Madden 23 five years ago. Tannehill is having a much better career overall, but there are similarities between the two QBs.

Geno has a fair chance to win NFL Comeback Player of the year. An award that Tannehill himself won in 2019.

Here's a great discussion on Geno and the award.


Here's a nice video summarizing his awesome season nobody saw coming!


Geno and the Seahawks made the playoffs the very first season post-Russell Wilson. While Russ and his new team the Broncos were a huge disappointment to many. In fact, the Seahawks actually defeated Russ and the Broncos in Week 1!

Wonder where the Seahawks go from here? Strong season with Geno at the helm. They still have a good roster, good coach. The NFC in general is pretty weak. Maybe they can just keep building.

Thanks to the Russ Wilson trade, and the Broncos struggling, The Seahawks have the FIFTH pick in the 2023 NFL Draft!

I'll be interested to see this team's next move!

I think they should give Geno at least another year. Maybe draft a QB late.

Comment what you think the Seahawks should do next!


A fun little video of new Titans' GM Ran Carthon arriving in Nashville! This guy seems really smart and driven. I like what I see, hope he can draft and sign the right players!

The 2023/24 season will be here quick I hope!