Clown sports media. How the Titans are making sports writers/analysts everywhere look DUMB

The most common and hottest take from ESPN to the NFL Network and everywhere in between is that this NFL season has been 'weird'.

I believe that the reason this is a common take is because these retarded analysts simply can't wrap their heads around or get themselves to admit that the Titans are really good! These people are mad they didn't call it, they're mad the Titans aren't a big market team they can milk for extra views or clicks or something.

Honestly it's pathetic and lazy.

'Oh man the NFL is so weird and so hard to predict this season wow.'

Is it though?

These analysts are just so mad that they can't talk about the Ravens or Chiefs as the top seed, so their default since they have no brain is to say oh man the season is so weird.

Why are the Saints and 49ers talked about like they are actually elite? The Chiefs win one game, against the Raiders, and now the Chiefs are good again? Even the Colts get mentioned as a possible darkhorse contender. Bruh.

I get that to keep shows interesting, these guys gotta say interesting things. But not outright idiotic things.

The Titans have had a winning record since 2016. How are the Titans a surprise? Why do these people pretend to not see the Titans coming?

The biasedness in sports is just unbelievable. And people want us to think this type of low IQ reporting doesn't leak into like news/politics, is absurd.

The mental gymnastics and just pure fakeness these analysts have to go through to ignore the Titans, is just fascinating. Common sense is not so common.

I don't know if I expect these media outlets to praise the Titans 24/7 but the low-key to blatant disrespect is amazing. The Titans are 8-2 and top seed but you wouldn't know it if you watch practically any sports news. If this were the Chiefs, Ravens, Cowboys or even Patriots they would be discussed constantly.

I just get so sick of the Titans being ignored and shit like that. Not even ignored, but dismissed as not a threat whatsoever, it just irks me.

I hope the Titans keep winning man. Winning will eventually force these guys to use their brain.

These media people don't even watch Titans football. I may be biased but I'm not pretending not to be, perhaps these media folk would get more respect if they were just honest. I may be biased, but in comparison to how much people simply don't know anything about the Titans at all, I think it's safe to say I have more room to talk about the Titans than any of these weird ass analysts do. I also watch other teams, notice how as much as I'd like to I am not mentioning the Cowboys because as much as in the past that franchise gets wayyyyy too much air time, this season they actually look pretty good so I am not mad they're being discussed.

People love to hate Ryan Tannehill, but don't even look at his stats in Miami. They don't consider how Miami as a franchise has mostly been in Struggle-City in Dogshit County for the past 20+ years. Look at the franchise now. This team had Dan Marino, couldn't get a Super Bowl. But the logic is that Tannehill is not good enough? What?

I don't know man I don't know what to say without making this post ridiculously long.

Screw the media, hopefully they look dumb in the end. Maybe I will myself, but oh well. There is PLENTY of truth to what I'm saying.

I guess I'm just mad because growing up I thought news, even sports news, was solid and fair. I was dead wrong.

Luckily on Hive I can say what I want, and what I believe to be right. Freedom of speech baby, a pretty elite and awesome freedom.