Facing the NFC Champs! Madden 23

Another Madden game, this time against the 2022/23 NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles! By this time next week they may very well be Super Bowl Champs. My opponent was addicted to no huddling on offense in this one.

In this game I had Malik at QB again. Maybe Malik can be as good as Jalen Hurts is one day, since they both have very similar skillsets.

But yeah, I'm super intrigued by this year's Super Bowl matchup! Two young quarterbacks facing off. As I crawl toward my thirties, pretty much all of the star quarterbacks I watched growing up are retired. Like Tom Brady the other day!

It's an exciting and slightly bittersweet time!

It's also cool to see sort of slightly under the radar franchises becoming more successful like the Chiefs and Eagles. Besides the past five to ten years, these franchises haven't been consistently great. I don't say that to seem insulting, it's honestly nice to see.

I was in Philadelphia the other day, and yeah, the city is pumped.


Hopefully Titans fans in Nashville will be able to have their own pep rally soon!!