How did Marcus Mariota's second shot at starting go? Titans vs Falcons Madden 23

Had a fun quick win against the Falcons awhile back!

So weird facing Mariota. So weird to hear Byard intercept Mariota in the game. Matter of fact, not only is Mariota a former Titan turned Falcon in this game, but their head coach Arthur Smith and tight end Anthony Firkser are as well. At around the 5:32 mark, all three are pretty much shown after Mariota completes a pass to Firkser. So odd LOL. Falcons linebacker Rashaan Evans is also a former Titan!

For the Falcons in real life, they had a mildly over achieving season. They were a very tough team and in most games.

Former Titans QB Marcus Mariota started thirteen games for the Falcons and played ok enough.

Marcus Mariota's Stats as a Falcon:

  • 13 Starts and Games Played
  • 5-8 W/L Record
  • 2,219 Passing Yards
  • 15 TD - 9 INT
  • 61.3% Completion Percentage
  • 88.2 Quarterback Rating
  • 438 Rushing Yards - Career High
  • 4 Rushing Touchdowns

Decent enough, but not really elite by any means. The Falcons actually started rookie Desmond Ridder for the team's final four games.


Apparently, Mariota left the team after he got benched. There's a few rumors that he left because of the birth of his child, but it's still uncertain. Also some rumors of a knee issue. It's all a bit weird.


Mariota statistically has had a fair career. But still, after two chance to start and then becoming benched I wonder where his career goes from here? His starting days seem to be surely over. We'll have to wait and see.

For the Falcons, they have the eighth pick in this upcoming draft. Who the heck knows where they'll go with that pick. Could literally be any position as far as I can tell. Do they believe in Desmond Ridder to be the starter going forward? Will the Falcons build around him? He seemed very average, but also, only appeared in four games. It'll be interesting to see it go down.