Robert Woods Wrecks the Packers! Madden 23 - Will Rodgers Return to the Packers?


Short, sweet game against the Packers.

The Titans last win of the 2022 season actually came against the Packers. November 17th, 2022. Dang. That's a long time since a Titans win. It was a fun, fairly dominant win on Thursday Night football at least. I remember rookie Treylon Burks having a terrific deep catch in this one.


For the Packers, they have one pretty massive question: Will Aaron Rodgers come back to the league as a Packer in 2023?

Aaron Rodgers is a future Hall of Famer, and still a top ten QB in football today. The Packers still have QB Jordan Love waiting for a legit chance to play. Love is a former first round draft pick from back in 2020.

The Packers as a team struggled in 2022, the sooner they figure out what's going on at QB, the better they'll be for it.

Some Packers fans must be wondering what's better, an aging Aaron Rodgers coming off a poor season by his standards, or a young Jordan Love who seems to be improving in the limited time he's seen the field as a pro.

Aron Rodgers has been rumored to possibly join the Raiders, Jets, Patriots, Commanders and even the Titans! Rodgers has some land in Tennessee apparently.


I don't think the Titans should get Rodgers honestly. I guess it'd be entertaining but that's about it. I don't believe he'd benefit the franchise especially not in the long term. Not sure if he could bring a championship to Tennessee at this point.

Anyway, here's a funny video with Aaron.