Titans vs Vikings Madden 23 Vault - What's next for the Vikings?

Another Madden game video! This time against the Vikings!

The Vikings sort of remind me of the Titans in a lot of ways. Similar physical play style, similar level of QB play. Dominant running backs for both teams too.

The Vikings ended their 2022/23 season with a highly disappointing loss against the Giants in the Wildcard round of the playoffs.

The Vikings are an odd team. On paper, this team could win it all it seems. There's not a major weakness to speak of on offense. Two great receivers in Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen, a great back in Dalvin Cook like I mentioned. Kirk Cousins is a decent QB.

It seems that a major problem for the Vikings was their defense which ranked second worst in the NFL. I feel like just a few years ago, the Vikings had a top five defense. Odd.

The Vikings are an older franchise with a pretty big fanbase, but still haven't won a Super Bowl. They've won a lot of games but never won the Lombardi. I know the day that happens, those fans will lose their minds.

Will the Vikings continue to commit to Kirk Cousins at QB for the next several years or maybe draft a QB? I think they should just keep trying to win with Cousins. The NFC is somewhat weak.

Just work on that defense and hope the team doesn't get too old. Thielen and Cook aren't getting younger.

The Vikings are simply a confusing, yet solid team. Comment what you believe the Vikings should or will do to become truly great!


I enjoy keeping up with other teams around the league a bit, but as always...


Watched this clip of Ran talking with Chris Long. They were on the Rams together. Ran seems very intellingent and charming and things like that. Hopefully that leads to a stacked roster ASAP!!!