An old car is stronger than a new car


There was a time in the world when cars did not have roofs and when the car came into existence for the first time, people were very surprised that how the car was made. More and more modern cars came in this world, the first big car in our area called 2D was loved by people and it was praised everywhere that it was the hero car of that time and the most. It was a beloved vehicle that is still seen on the roads today but as a sign of a bygone era

People of that time felt proud to sit in this car and today, considering it an old car, people leave such cars behind and travel in a new car so that the car looks beautiful and the personality of the person sitting increases and people see it. Say wow no there is a car and the old cars that people had back then are still there and they travel on cars and use a car to carry their family home. It is capable of taking the whole family on a journey

If the work of such a vehicle is done on time and no damage is done during any kind of work, then these vehicles are not less than new vehicles, but they are stronger than the vehicles. The weight of the new model car is less, it has strong iron and the iron sheet is very strong and if you see the branches, they are also standing strong.

When the car is bought and the procedure is to check it, all four doors of the car are checked. This is the procedure to check if it has happened

And if we talk about the engine of this vehicle, it is a powerful engine, it runs the air conditioner along with the vehicle and also runs the generator of the vehicle. Diesel cars have just come and petrol cars have just arrived. Some people have converted diesel cars to petrol and at that time most of the cars were converted to gas. At that time gas was cheap and by converting cars to gas. People used to spend less and travel more

As of today, these vehicles are outdated and their design will not be liked by people because you have seen new designs and very beautiful designs of new models of vehicles have been made but in this era. When this new design was introduced in the market, the buyers were very eager to buy the new model car

If the old car is maintained and driven safely and the interior and exterior of the car is kept clean, the car can last for a long time and the car looks like a new car. In what I'm showing you, this position inside the car looks like new

And last words the petrol consumption of this car is 12 to 15 km per litre, that much petrol consumption is good for a big car and it is a strong car, people who drive such a car never sell it. They keep such a car for use, children also drive such cars, straighten their hands for driving and then sit on new cars and drive. Some people keep such cars for driving school.