On henna night boys dance and throw money and I save all these scenes in the eye of the camera


Hello my dear friends, I hope all the friends will be well And they also have fun. Pomegranates are also played on henna and fireworks are also set. Girls get ready from beauty parlor and participate in henna.
There were 3 boy dancers with drummers. They were dancing very sweetly and enjoying henna. I have been invited and the work of the movie has been entrusted to me. What happens when I am invited to a wedding? The wedding is to be seen for free but these guys did a very good dance I really liked
Henna night girls also get ready from beauty parlor and boys also dance fast wearing new clothes and also give money to doll people. The first people take a copy of the new notes and they take the coffee in their hands and take out one note and give it to the drummer and some boys throw the copy of the note up and the note falls down and the children pick it up.

The boys dance to the beat of the drum and dance very well and some people in our area have an area in our area called Ravi Ka. And they look so beautiful while dancing and also win the hearts of the viewers

The bridegroom is seated on the stage and henna is placed on his hands on which province or henna is applied on his hand by placing a ten rupee note on his hand and then the bride is also given sweets and The new notes are taken out from the top of the bridegroom's head and placed in a basket after seeing the three round notes of the bridegroom's head. The boys don't get tired even though they have been dancing all night and when I turn off the camera light the dance also stops and the boys stop giving money to the drummer. Everyone wants to give whatever money they want E in the movie
My today's post and today's engagements were on henna. Making henna movie and keeping the room light scented. Correcting the color of the camera and making the movie quality good. It takes a lot of brainstorming. Then go and get good quality. Becomes a movie and people like a good movie which has more results. I hope you will like my post.