Thediary Game [email protected] 07/12/2021 In order to move forward in life, you have to learn everything, whether it is your job as a cameraman or driving a car


Friends, I just watched how my day went today. I spent my day at the wedding party and I was making a video film. Doing this while sitting on the windshield holding the camera in hand and the groom's car is moving behind. It happens that the camera does not work and many times it happens that if the road is more bad then the car is hit by a jeep then if there is a camera then the stabilizers inside the camera cover the result of the rest of the camera. The movie is a little bit different from the cameras, the result is that if there is a good operator, he can take out a lot of manuals and the video coverage that is done while sitting on the car looks very beautiful. Sometimes lush fields and groves are seen and the groom's car is going
Drone cameras also provide fine coverage and the biggest problem we have with drone cameras is the power lines attached to the roadside power poles and the high current wires hanging on them can damage the drone so down The camera is flown with great care so as not to cause any damage and I was holding the other camera in my hand and wrapped the belt attached to the camera with my hand so that even if the camera falls, the belt wrapped around you will help you. It is important to be careful not to damage the camera as there is a rush at weddings and many people are moving around and colliding with the camera and there is a risk of the camera falling so caution is needed. Where did I go to drive on the way back with Maine because our driver had gone from here and had to take the car back and take it home I started driving
There was a lot of rush on the main road. There were four other people sitting in the car with me. The groom's father was sitting in the front seat with me and the other three were sitting in the back. I drive very carefully and do not over speed The government does not try to cross the speed of the road which is maintained. I always use anti-cadre and give a deer while crossing a vehicle to let it know that someone is crossing me. The traffic is light at this time of night.
And where the road is clear, the car should be driven so that the journey is completed quickly and they can reach their destination quickly. The car would get out of there and head towards the destination to reach home quickly
My dear friends, you have to learn a lot of things in life so that in difficult times you can do things like no driver is available today. The skill came in handy today and I got to the destination with the car and four other people or I have to do and learn everything to move forward in life so that at any time you have more difficulty and you can overcome this difficulty. Make it easy for today, this is my complete story of today that I shared with you