How to make decisions when our economy is down


How to make a decision when our economy is down?

I have a younger brother. He owns a trading business in a clothing store. During covid 19, the impact of the economic recession had an impact on sales. So the turnover is reduced. And the business went bankrupt.

Previously, he had maintained the business, by selling on the free market. But his efforts did not last. Various efforts have been made, but the income is not equal. Turnover down about 80%. Income and expenses are not in line with expectations.

Every day the turnover is decreasing. So he tried to open up other business opportunities by selling cigarettes, in order to cover his life needs. Thus income from clothing stores is not eroded. However, it's still unstable. Economic conditions due to Covid 19, increasingly penetrated all business sectors in our city. Most of the business actors were forced to go out of business.

Due to the economic recession, only the agricultural sector survived. The trade, fisheries, and other real sectors such as industrialization were also forced to go out of business. Another reason is that debt does not match the needs. The government sector and related agencies are shifting priorities to prevent Covid 19.

How did he finish it all problems and burdens. My sister is smart, she beach read conditions. Read conditions and analyze developments and situations.

Finally, my sister decided to divert her business. Luckily he was able to divert business. If not, the assets are getting eroded and getting worse day by day. It is undeniable, not a single businessman in my city can survive with the slumping economic conditions.

He was finally able to let go of the burden. He departed and abandoned all his efforts. Like a nail pulled out of his head, that's how he turned his business.

Have you ever experienced that?

Taking policy on the economy is not an easy thing to do. It requires careful consideration. The economic performance system is to attract growth. However, if all sectors have died, let alone growth must be revived.

Trade is one of the fastest growing sectors for the economy. So, I can only give the best solution is when you are experiencing the same thing, going bankrupt and in a dilemma about your economic condition, the best decision is the decision of your conscience. Don't fight your heart. Follow your heart, because it is the right decision.

Recently people have started selling their land. Not a few people who began to sell their assets to sustain life. As a result of Covid 19 which hit all sectors, it resulted in and died. I myself can feel how my economic condition.

However, the little that can get me out of that mess is that I can write, and have studied photographers. So that way I can be creative in Hive. Hive has helped me to get what I want. I hope Hive and Leofinance's friends can lighten my sister's burden. I wish you a long life. Thank you, greetings.

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