The My Kontes Fotografy "Sun Thursday #34" | Fotografi Lanskap

Authored by @Afridany

Hi all, how's your day? Nice to meet you. This is my contest post for the Photo Blockchain community. Some of the pictures that I show you are my early Sunday morning at the beach.

This weekend I woke up earlier than usual. I headed to the beach and did some light exercise. I run for a while to keep my heart healthy.

But before that, I did some beach photography sessions, which is my hobby so far.

I shot towards the horizon, with the composition of the sea, sand and some fishermen who are inseparable from the beach life.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the sunshine they just had on the eastern horizon. This is a welcoming light to the sun's promise that is always faithful to the earth, and never breaks on time. Until he drowns and returns the next day. The sun always returns with truth and holiness.

I also capture the blue light of the sky. It was a sign that the sun had just broken. Not so bright for the day.

Photo Welcoming my early morning Sunday Weekend:





The contest this is from @uwelang

After that I exercise, and then I rest for a while, before finally going home and covering the weekend. THANK YOU