Today I brought my children's favorite fruit which they were very happy to eat.


Friends, the season of Maltese has started. Today the children told me that Papa has to eat Maltese and I had to fulfill the order of the children. My children bring me whatever they ask from me. I went to the market and brought malt. My children started eating malt and my doll eats malt with great enthusiasm. Their style of eating malt was something else which did not leave me and I fell in love with my daughter. My daughter was looking very cute while eating malt

I like the way the girls eat Malta. I have three daughters. One is the youngest and the two you see in the pictures. I like them very much. Do
Today, when I went to buy malt, there was a lot more fruit in the market. I can tell you what is the fruit season at that time. It is being sold and the rate of guava is Rs. 100 and Rs. 80 per kg
And after that let me tell you, apples have become a little more expensive at the moment. The price of apples ranged from Rs. 200 to Rs. From Rs 150 per dozen and Malta was very beautiful



I asked the Maltese seller where do you get this Maltese from. He told me that this Maltese has just started, they are starting and in the next few days they will start selling all over the world. He said that most of the Maltese orchards in Pakistan are in Sargodha and Malta is supplied to the whole world.
Malta is sweet and large in size. People eat Malta with great relish. In the beginning, Malta is expensive and when the Maltese season is Maltese everywhere, the rate goes down. In the beginning, Malta is expensive
And I asked how much money do you earn daily? He said that I bring malt from the market daily and I get one malt for seven rupees and I sell malt for 10 rupees and three rupees for one malt. Survives and if I sell 200 Maltas daily, I save 600 rupees
And sometimes I sell 500 Maltas a day and sometimes 600 Maltas. I am earning a living for myself and my children.

Everyone is working for their stomach. In order to live in the world, every human being has to work and eat two meals a day. I bought it and he took 250 rupees from me. When I reached home, I was very happy to see the children beating. I started biting the owner and the children started eating. Was feeding Maltese
The girl started playing with malt. A girl used to hold the malt in her hand for two minutes. Sometimes the malt would fall down and then she would catch it. She was playing with a ball of malt. Wanted
The children are very happy if the order of the children is fulfilled on time. Parents want to see their children happy in any case.


My dear friends, the happiness of the parents is in the happiness of the children. If the children are happy, then the parents are happy. Parents have to suffer for treatment from doctors
Feed your children natural foods. Feed all kinds of fruits to children so that they are healthy