Best experience was gathered from my travel at MouloVibazar,Bangladesh (15-01-2020)


Best experience was gathered  from my travel at MouloVibazar,Bangladesh   (15-01-2020)

Read "Best experience was gathered from my travel at MouloVibazar,Bangladesh (15-01-2020)" on for the best experience

Hey whats up my all Friends?
Home you are okay and also i am so fine.

Some day's ago i was visit Moulovibazar, Bangladesh . I was visit lots of place of scenario of moulovibazar like tea garden,ratargul,water fall, know that lots of tea garden was situated at Sylhet Moulvibazar i am so glad visit this gorgeous place and i captured lots tea and sky photography from this place so o decided i share this all photography for you friends.

So lets go i share this photography only for my beloved friends.

friends its a so gorgeous place i think when day labourers collect tea leaf for passing their life from this tea garden. This time view show so pretty. I hope if you one time go and visit this place you will enjoy as like as me.

its sun shining photographs when sun going to shine to his destination this time i captured this photography. Ots looking so cute and gorgeous. All my friends i think like sun shine scenario.

If you want to passed your leisure time as your own style you should check this place.

when we are visit moulovibazar we are enjoy one concert, lots of singer sing song this concert and enjoy friends i captured lots of concert pandel photo for let go i share this another concert photographs

I think thats enough foe today's my travelling post.its so experience travel for me.o am enjoy so much.
So friends if are want enjoy as like me pleas visit thia place amd enjoy.

This my #originalcontent thanks for @ocd@ocdb and @curangel for always support the original content) Read my word and Enjoy my shot. After this I will share my post on my twitter here @ahmanikdu47 please let steemonboarding like @anomadsoul recomendation.

I am member of @bdcommunity @bdvoter @steemitbd @gtg @neoxian @curangel and also @appreciator team.

If you like my vlog please upvote comment with resteem friends amd also follow me.

Best regards

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