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Who am I?

I am toukir ahmed and my username is ahmed05. . In this case I am lucky because I have the opportunity to use to the blockchain. Although there are many users who are not using their unreal names.

To put it simply,, I am toukir ahmed a student. I am proud to be a Bangladeshi. I try to preserve Bengali culture and heritage. But while I always support individual freedom, and always like to present myself as an exception. I love to read, listen,travel and write. I try to express myself and evaluate others' opinions. As a person I am very lazy, but I love nature, travel & photography.

I have a job, it's very difficult for me. Because it's not a job, I do two things together. In fact, living in our city is not an easy thing to do, so I need to do two things in order to keep myself healthy and financially healthy. I do this in addition to studying. From what I earn from it, my pocket costs well.

Why I am Here?

I am a Bengali-speaking man. I am not very skilled, especially I am very ignorant of English. Because of the way I spend time on social media in different ways, I am trying to clear my ignorance on various issues. I'm trying to change my situation using information technology. While this is not a simple matter, it is a lot of trouble to spend time on social media once you do two things at once.

But it is true that we have solved all our problems, if we can try it properly. Because human efforts take people to the center of success. Due to which I am trying with confidence, my weakness cannot stop me. New experiences have made me eager to spend more time. But I am continuing my studies well.

What am i doing now?

Now my first target was to overcome my fear of English. And in that case I have been very successful. Every day I try to do videos on different topics. To make a video, I had to record about specific issues for a single vlog 4-6 times. But I had to do it - to make myself. I'm still trying. Insha Allah will one day be successful.

  • I have enlisted the help of various parties, including goggles, to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences in real life. Whenever I get the chance, I try to write a lot. Because I love sharing something I love. When others comment on my writing, it gives me great joy and encouragement. Most of the time, I've tried to share real-life experiences for which I've joined different communities and work together.

  • I try to share my experiences and problems with those who have real experience. Let's try to support them. I read their thoughts and try to gain some knowledge from there. In many cases, I do not share my views with them. Because sharing information can make solving many difficult tasks easier. This makes my job easier.

Why would I want to share this?

  • We are human beings, and human nature is always trying to present itself to others. We try to present our talents, skills and so on in different ways. My same feature. This is why I have tried to keep myself busy in various social aspects at different times, trying to express my opinions and thoughts.

  • We often share our position with different locations as different types of doubts arise among us. We try to verify our position. In that case, social media helps us be the best. Eliminates our doubts, illuminates our ignorance. New topics contribute to the experience. Developing our skills can have a significant impact.

  • This is why I have tried to be active through various social media at different times. Because now, in the technology age, we can easily push ourselves towards development through free information exchange. In this age of technology, social media has made our way easier. But blockchain technology is a popular location, where you can easily experience all the stories with complete freedom.

Why am I on the blockchain?

  • I came to this blogchain a few days ago. I'm on the blockchain enjoying freedom. I have tried to overcome my weaknesses, build courage in myself, dream of achieving something with confidence. In order to achieve this, previously I had only imagined. But today it is true.

So you too can come in a better position than me. You can test your skills. You can try to use your skills, get the courage to overcome your fears. Develop your imagination. Enjoy. Join us, Complete Freedom - New Technology - New Enjoy Blockchain HIVE.

Thanks to all.

I tried to give myself a good and clear idea. Probably didn't present everything beautifully. Because my English skills are not very good. If there is anything wrong with writing, I ask for forgiveness.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog...

See you next time...

LOVE FROM @ahmed05

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