Beautiful Tegu in the middle of the countryside

Here I will show you about tegu repair or re-beautification, which is being done by the Community Service Program (KKN) of Syiah Kuala University, class of 2019

This small and beautiful Tegu was built in 1993 which was designed by one of the community leaders in our village at that time, with a golden peak. Follow the similarities or we will imitate the Monas in Jakarta. Only the difference is that manas in Jakarta has real gold, aka real gold. It was part of the results of the donations of the Acehnese in ancient times. And until now, at the top of the Jakarta Monas, you can still see the shiny ones coming out of real gold.
But for the monas in our village, the peak we made was very similar to the jakarta monas, but we only painted it in gold. But not real gold. Haha

So in 2019 we had students from Unsyiah, Syiah Kula University who are originally from Banda Aceh. Aceh Province. They came to our Village. The purpose of gaining knowledge, they also bring many programs that they have to complete in our village, there are also programs that are outside of their interests. One of them, they have to work to make the community proud by rehabilitating tegu who look normal. And they really want a change, so they can look beautiful and attractive.
The first step for them in their work, they dismantled the bits that didn't look good, then they took the sand and cement. Then stir it, so that they paste back neatly.

After dismantling the parts that are not good. And this is in the process of being re-attached by students

And this is their good work which is ready in plaster, and I see their work is very neat

After that, they took a ladder to be able to climb to the top of the tegu, to paint the peak using a golden color, so that newcomers to this village would see gold. And they're so brave to climb that little peak, to me they're so great.

The peak has been painted and looks like real gold.
Then they will re-paint the pole with a pretty interesting color too..

Here I can see from their workers who are good and really careful at work. Looks like their work is almost done. There are a few left that haven't been painted yet.

Very attractive tegu, bright blue sky, emitting beautiful natural scenery, this tegu is located in the middle of the village. Among the 3 hamlets. If we stand right in that tegu. Keep looking to the west is the Happy Hamlet. And to the East of Seuneubok Jaya Hamlet. And to the south of Dusun Nurul Huda, this is our village profile,

And what we are proud of them, they are able to work well, and they use many ideas, so that we as a community feel very happy about their behavior. We are also very grateful to those who have made our village even more beautiful, for us this tegu is very beautiful with the right color. And what is very special, they have painted the name of our village on the tegu, with a very good painting. We pray for them, from what they have done that is good, that they will graduate from college and be successful in the future

See you again at the next opportunity

Greetings from @ajirdeal


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this ttegu is really very beautiful. with attractive colors. Very Cool Alue Tho Village.

Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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