Nice meal with wife at BMW place

I hope that all my friends are always in good health, smooth in their activities and quickly successful.

On this occasion, this is the first time I have come to this beloved community to show some of the pictures I took a few days ago.
This is a picture when we came home from a relative's house, at that time there was a wedding feast. After returning from the feast, we headed to a stall for lunch because at the venue we did not have time to eat because the invited guests were so crowded.

And we decided to eat at the stall. After we were ready to eat then we went home, then we immediately moved home taking this path then we saw a view of the road where there was a bit of beauty on the left and right side there were large trees, you could say they were a shield from the hot sun.

For me it is very happy to go this way and want to take pictures. then I got off the motorbike and then I took my cell phone and took a photo of my wife and child. Now, after I took a photo, my wife invited me to stop at Padang Flat Town to see clothes that were being sold, with good quality and brands that were pretty good and cheap. After that, I will make a post with this photo in this photography community as shown below.