Humility is a quality that I always emphasize when advising others, especially those who have achieved great success and seek my guidance. Why do I specifically mention successful individuals? Well, it is often observed that people who have attained power or wealth tend to behave rudely towards others, oblivious to their true identities. It is disheartening to witness how easily we can be consumed by our positions and material possessions, disregarding the fact that everything we have can be lost in an instant and that our lives as human beings are ultimately in the hands of a higher power. Therefore, it is imperative for us to lead lives of humility and embrace this virtue regardless of the people we encounter.

It is truly saddening that individuals must first assess the nature of one's character before extending respect. This occurrence is an everyday reality in our communities. Even when engaging in something as simple as making a purchase at a shop, one's treatment differs based on whether they arrive in a luxurious Benz or Range Rover, or without such extravagant vehicles. It is astonishing to witness the lengths to which we, as humans, can go when we are ignorant of a person's background. This sort of status-driven behaviour within our society ought to be condemned. Our respect and demeanour towards others should be consistent and unwavering.

Certainly, there are individuals who lack self-respect and must be reminded of their place, but we should never act rudely towards people simply because we are unaware of their status. When we habitually disrespect those we encounter in public, believing it to be the norm, there may come a day when a king or a governor visits the same town and, unfortunately, we display disrespectful behavior towards them. In such a case, forgiveness may elude us forever. I firmly believe that ignorance should never serve as an excuse for rudeness.

We must always strive to treat everyone equally, irrespective of their social standing. Just as we accord respect and consideration to those whose statuses we know and whose capabilities we are aware of, we should extend the same treatment to each and every person we encounter. We can never truly fathom the hidden potential and abilities of those we underestimate, nor can we predict the consequences of our actions towards them.

As a child, I made a personal vow to treat people equally, regardless of their status. Some individuals may even disguise themselves to test the authenticity of others and observe how they are treated. If you are someone who fails to respect people for who they are, you may find yourself trapped, forever closing the door on your own greatness.
Being ignorant is therefore never an excuse for rudeness towards others.

I sincerely hope that you derive valuable insights from this profound composition and discover it to be an engrossing masterpiece.
Thank you.


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