Ask Leo : Why does Experienced crypto investors see the bear market as a way to make a fortune or create wealth?

One of the secrets some experienced crypto investors are not telling you is that the bear market is actually an opportunity to build wealth and make fortune in the crypto system.
Many of them just build wealth low key when in the bear market and then when the bull market comes you see that they have made thousands of not millions while in the bear market.
Before going into how to build wealth in the bear market, I would love to share with you what the bear market is for those that are new to the crypto system; The bear market is a time or period when all the coins in the market are at their low prices compared to their highest.
Now how do you make wealth off the bear market, its simply with some techniques and strategy that are used most of the time by crypto investors who make money off the crypto market.
It is important to know that some beat market do not end quickly, so adequate patience is required to be able to build your wealth.
Building wealth in the bear market requires that you will need to buy the dip consistently. When I say buy the dip consistently, I mean that it is preferable to divide your total capital investment to bits so you can buy the down trend if it goes more dip.
So you might not know that the bear market is not a time or period to run away from the bear market but actually embrace it and build your wealth steadily.

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