Mark's Apps Down, Fears Up!

Yesterday, WhatsApp was down from 4pm.
My Instagram stopped working at about 5pm and when I realized what was going on, I couldn't access Facebook.

I thought it was one of those days when my network provider misbehaves.
I quickly subscribed my other line, same issue.

I was getting so worried.
I had sent some messages that weren't delivered.

I kept trying severally, turned off my phone countlessly, turned on and off flight mode.. all to no avail.

One of the conversations I was trying to have on WhatsApp was quite important and so I placed a call instead. It was during the conversation that I learnt it was a global issue and we talked about the millions of dollars that'd be lost by those few hours of of down server.


The thought of what could happen if it was permanent plaqued me.. the connections, the source of income, the businesses.. so many things these platforms give that we hold dear.


I speak with my sister that is millions of miles away from me everyday because of this platforms.
Some have replaced relating with people close to them physically to people within the media, which is not particularly a good thing.

After the realization of what was going on, I stopped trying and went over to my Hive Blog to make my last post, read and engage other thoughtful posts and slept off while meditating on a post by @ericvancewalton from chapter 5 of his book. If you come across this post, click on that handle and find time to read through his posts, you'll be thankful you did.

I found solace scrolling through the block chain.

Network providers didn't fail to put out disclaimers that it isn't their faults that those apps were down as drags were getting to them and of course, TwitterNG didn't fail to come through with hilarious assumptions.

This made me realize that nothing last forever and nothing is without flaws and imperfections.
So, I should live life, not getting too attached, not taking moments for granted, knowing that it could end anytime.

Glad that those apps are up and running and my day is going to be a good one :)

Some funny comments on Twitter tho 😅


I loved this one, a reminder that our focus can be rechannelled to other important things.

Images were sourced from screenshots of various comments on other apps.
The owners of the posts are captured in the images.

Thank you for reading, have yourself a nice day.


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