Old books give a different perspective.


Public libraries has always had a special place in my heart. I've always seen it as a place where my boredom can be replaced with something else worth the time to pass. Skimming through books and seeing things from a different light.

Isaac Asimov wrote The Foundation. The premise being the stagnation of an empire due to having a stagnation in innovation or progression of ideas. Both from the emperor's and it's people.

Currently I'm sitting inside the public Library here in Toledo. Growing up I used to come here and I'm still always visiting this place occasionally just to see and smell the place.

The most striking thing I've noticed is the same old books in the shelves. I've taken for granted the books being sold by the public libraries I've gone to in Australia. I've even bought some of them for my own collection. I don't have a lot of books but I've got a collection.

Wonder if they have a good budget to update the books here because I just saw one book from the 1940's still in the shelf teaching about foreign affairs. Mind you being a weell read man I can take it with a grain of salt when I'm reading what's being espoused in the pages. However looking at the register of visitors in here, about 90% of the visitors are all under the ages of 25.

Students being fed outdated ideas. Mind you it's a good thing since some of the ideas today are pretty whacky. So I'm taking it with a grain of salt as I write this observation.

I can't help but get into my mind the need to order some books and donate them for the people of Toledo. I think I will do that in the not too distant future.