Pursuit of something leads you to something...


Early day ride to practise. Zipping through the highway. Did not think that would be in the mix but it was and very nerve racking. I found the other riders were my mentors
Some relaxed while others were aggressive pushing me to my limits plus more. Not looking forward to it, more just accepting the inevitability of the process. The ride back will test me even more since I'm now very relaxed.

Where did I go?


I planned to go to the big temple at the tip of this land mass but unsure if I'm allowed since there is a guard at the end of the beginning of the road into another road. Like branches of time intersecting into a million possibilities. It is up to me to grasp it I suppose.

Nodding to myself I'm walk up to the guard and ask.

Well I'm settled I was going to ride back and call it a day but it seems my curiosity and just the pursuit of something is driving me to ask and trudge on ahead to a part I've not travelled to. What's the point in me saying I'll do something and go halfway.

I'll update on my next post because writing on my phone is such a laborious task. But then again it has to be done.


Coffee is life.
That's murky look.
It's not rife.
Life giving like a book.

The place serving me is this place.


The drone of voices abuzz around me. All expats. Living that nomadic existence. Some of these young ones are probably making mint. On their laptops changing the world while living the world around them. Letting things just tick by.



The sign at the entrance gives me that feeling the laid back lifestyle here. There could be some just here briefly, like myself but I'm sure there are more here living that life of just being in the moment.

Hope they make enough mint to be free in all forms one can look for with meaning.