Sometimes you just have to burn everything down and slit all the throats, just for a hell of it.

It saddens me to notice my posts are not being read. While it may seem to others, they are posting shit posts all the time and I admit I would just laugh and say I do the same thing too but for real my posts are far from shit posts since I am of course far from ever not in the moment when I write things here. Shit posting is when you have no thoughts and you are just talking about shit.

Even the funny things that I say are not shit posts to me. I know this for a fact what people say they are shit posting deep down they are working on this with a goal to make it big by producing a well thought of piece of work. While my writing is far from their thought of writing I say the things in them with conviction.

Pull me up on the topic I am talking about and I will defend them. I will not call you names for doing so as long as you do not do the same to me. I am only human and will be emotionally charged if you step past the line. No one is perfect. Especially not me.

Why am I saying these in this post?

Well, for starters I said something life changing and not one of you noticed. Or more precisely failed to read something just because you all thought it was a fluff piece. I am disappointed. But then again I could be jumping the gun. But I think not since its been there for a while and I think the only time anyone will ever notice it is when they see something that could be beneficial for them.

I do not set out to help others. That is not something I will actively do. That is not in my nature. I am not going to pretend to care for everyone. I do not know everyone. I am easy to make friends with and take a long time to be rid of when I have made a connection. However if I notice the feeling is not friendship but just a leg up to help themselves in their life goals or anything that would benefit them I will pull away. I don't actively go looking for a payout on anything since I don't need money. Yes, I will always say I am here for a payout but that is something I will pursue incidentally to just having a time here and to documents my thoughts.

Some of these are actually deep and personal, interlaced in jokes and memes so they are there for me to look back on and to allow for my family to have something of me when I am gone. This is a blockchain and if I am being bullish or positive about it I think it will last for a long time. Immutable.

But when I spell something out with no hidden words in the middle. Said simply. I am disappointed when you do not notice. After all it tells me you are not paying attention to what I am talking about. More importantly, I have shared something I was not looking forward to telling anyone.

So fuck you!