There is no such thing as your truth being better and more plausible than the truth. Learn to see that secrets don't last.


Sometimes the deep think will actually disadvantage you from seeing anything other than what you are being fed by someone else's stupidity. They think of the "big picture" like they know it so well and then add shit that don't make sense when you question exactly why and who they are talking about. I mean how can you be so sure what you are thinking is the truth when asked to provide an explanation of how they come to their conclusions they only provide more things not even related in the simplest sense. You know who I am talking about. I can sense your ears going red from some sort of emotional verbal diarrhea of triggered ripostes that are all off target since they do not hold any evidence other than more ungrounded theories.

So much can be said about what I say even myself that I am not sure what I am saying even makes sense to me in the end.