Today, my day and how I found myself writing this little post.


There are a myriad amount of thoughts that run through my brain from the time I get out of bed to the time I am about to tuck myself in to bed.

First thing that is important to me is that I like to take photos and share them but for some reason I have no material to take photos of since I am working from home and spend the whole day indoors. You do not want me to take photos of myself since I am mostly still in my sleeping clothes. I do not sleep naked.

I log on to work from 7 AM every weekday since the whole Covid situation that has affected everyone. Quick one. I think being vaccinated is a choice, but spreading scare stories and all that misinformation is not helping anyone other than either the big red or to line their pockets from the fear they sow. Freedom of choice. I do however believe that vaccines will help if you do get it.

I did nothing today. I was unable tyo login to work for some reason and I was even with tech support for a good hour trying to get help. It's all good though since I pretty much just watched Netflix and chilled. By myself.... HAHAHAHA

I pretty much had a very unproductive day, since I didn't even bother to learn anything new today. Unless you call watching YouTube videos about the greening of India and Africa as educational then maybe I had a bit of something to learn. Then again I have watched videos about those in the last two years so I think I just regurgitated a lesson over and over.

You can always argue that I reviewed my knowledge so it is a lesson.

Partway through the day my older brother came to drop off some money as he was interested in getting some crypto. He called it a bet and I can pretty much do what ever I think is going to get the money to grow. It would have gone to Hive but at the moment the price is not good as a buyer. I could be wrong since I am not studying trends and all those chart analysis that all the traders here do. So I will just probably buy them bitcoin and wait. They will be in the Hodl game.

Before I knew it it was time to go to class. I hate myself for saying I am getting older and the guys around me are getting younger and younger. I see them. All big and young. It is not an easy training session especially when they all see me with a target. Of course I am just taking my time and taking it easy. My master once told me that ju jutsu is a lazy mans art. If I am finding that I am using too much strength then it probably means I have not understood the dynamics of the human anatomy and proper use of techniques.

I hope you are not bored since I frankly am just spouting words. Words that I am hoping will come at ease the more I write since the ultimate goal is to be able to have a book written and published one day. In order to do that is I have to have a story and the ability to churn out words in large volumes with no thought of when to stop.

I think from memory my count always starts to wane when I reach about six hundred words. Then I find myself having to dig deep with anything and every under the sun just to come up with something. Then again that is what story telling is about when you are telling it in written form.

All through my youth I hated writing things. I would turn up to class with no pen or note book and just try to remember everything in my head. I always said that if I don't remember that it is that is going to answer a question it probably means the question and its answer was not important.

Well back to my day. I am now in the waning hours of the night. Ten PM. My body is cold. My muscles are tight. So much myriad things rush inside my head yet the fingers are too slow that I am unable to write them here. Maybe when I am inspired I will write about them. But for now just be rest assured that I am here telling a story of the mundane in the hopes that it a path to eternity.

Here's an old photo of me when I was in my youth.