Travelling can help you think about thing you usually forget about.

A long drive always makes you start to think deeply. Well at least this happens to me all the time. The mind is able to just freely roam into the subconscious consciousness. The miles just pass on by without any effort. I've never seen driving as any kind of effort since I'm just sitting down thinking. Sometimes I have found myself on auto pilot mode. One moment I'm starting the car. Next I'm exiting it already at my destination. No outward memory how I've dodged other cars and steered it to the destination. Even the music playing on the radio, non existent. Conversations are the only thing that wakes me from the autonomy of action.

Just keep swimming.

It often seems like people here who has the following of big accounts telling smaller fishes to just keep at it and they will be there eventually. After all they started with zero clout in the beginning and if they do it then it should be something others can emulate. Only one thing gets in my head. These fuckers can say shit like that since they already made it. More importantly there are just so much in the platform that there will never be enough for everyone. And some people don't like to lick arse. I think they should just shut the fuck up and keep on keeping on since they are not prepared to give up their place in the first place.

Unsure what I'm talking about? Just look at the trending and you will see what I'm talking about.

Anyway I'll leave it here for now.