Slightly less abstract - Black and White photography


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Here´s the entry to #monomad contest

One more round of macro and slightly less abstract records, despite the proximity, it is possible to identify the subjects, although it is not possible to position them in their true scale, but they are certainly smaller than they seem.
This is one of the effects of macro photography, giving an exaggerated dimension in relation to the real dimension, but of course all scales are relative depending on the reference point.
In a more dramatic monochromatic tone than usual, with less gray tones and more whites and blacks.
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Next you can see the technique used to take these macros through a short visual tutorial:


Among the various possible techniques to shoot macros, this is perhaps the most affordable and effective technique for those who have a camera with removable lens.
We can simply remove the lens and reverse the direction, and by using an inverter ring it ends up being more comfortable and facilitates the process.

Photo by @aleister
Camera - Canon EOS 600D
Lens - EFS 18-55mm
Location - Portugal

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