Exploring Israel - Imperial Hotel Wonderland - The Rooms

Hello and welcome to Exploring Israel¹

This post continues the exploration of "Imperial Hotel Wonderland". The first post is about the entrance and exit staircases and can be found here 👉 https://peakd.com/hive-163772/@alex2alex/exploring-israel-imperial-hotel-wonderland

In this post I will present the photographs of the rooms I found particularly interesting.

The hallways - Crossing the line

The hallway exhibitions investigates the complex relashionship between our perception of reality and the illusions that shape it.

The lines are created with acrilic and color markers.

Asaf Day, David Palas - Y2K
The fantasy childhood room of the artists.

Sweet dreams are made of this
Marie Antoenette inspired artwork

Dor Peleg - I dream with my Heart

Yariv Twig - If the walls could talk
Typographic expression of the phrase "If the walls could talk"

Daniel Philosoph - Continue the fall

Ana Kogan - Anna's Room

"Reality can be very bleak all around and sometimes people don't see reality as it is"

The room look like an oil painting.

Yaara Sachs - Who are you going to be today?
The artist invite the visitors to doubt their concept of self and to play with the idea of identity.

Adi Azar & Yotam Shifroni - Mama, Max & Kai's vacation

Edit Fischer-Katz - Gulliver in Selfie Kingdom

The work puts the viewer into Gulliver's shoes, looking from the side at Lilliputs and other imaginary countries.
He is now welcome to visit the "Selfie Kingdom" and get a glimpse of the hidden industry behind creating a perfect image

The room of wishes
The artist invite the visitors to create the artwork themselves by writing their deepest wish on a stickit note and add it to the room.

I noticed a lot of "Peace", "Love" and "Democracy" notes.

Tamar Yogev & Guy Megides - Telavivian tile room

Monkey RMG - Lucid Dreams

"My display depicts a world where I create my dreams while having lucid dream"

Tomer Tal Zajonce - Monarch butterfly suit

Ziv Deen - Grey

Dispatched studio - String forest

Hai Dorany - The Pleasures of Picnic

Lior Kesem Hamama - Fantasy of Black Magic

¹) All the photos are taken by @alex2alex with Xiaomi Note 10 Pro and retouched by Snapseed. If you wish to use any of my photographs or images, please contact me first

The cover image is created with Canva by @alex2alex


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