Exploring Israel - Public Art in Story Garden in Holon


Hello and welcome to my "Exploring Israel - Public Art" series. I enjoy finding and appreciating public art¹

Today I want to share with you public art I found while walking in my hometown Holon.
It is located in a "Story Garden" Park in the southern part of the city.

It is called - My uncle "Happy" likes animals. Ruth Zarfaty is the sculptor and A. Hall wrote the story.
The sculptures are about ⅔ of the real size, the horse is much smaller.

The story is about an uncle who loves animals and caused the storyteller to keep animals at home . Keeping a lot of different animals brought joy to the house.

Here how the whole scene looks

From the other side

This is the storyteller

This is the uncle

Note uncle's chest decoration

Othes characters

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Interesting art about animals, although all the human characters do not look joyful and happy.

Thank you for reading and your support!

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"Public good" vs "Public nuisance"


Public art is somewhat a "Public good" ²


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¹ All the photos are of public places, taken by @alex2alex with Xiaomi Note 10 Pro

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