#MondayTrance - AndyJayPowell



today we have a special for #MondayTrance, as we celebrate the birthday of @andyjaypowell, one of the best known German trance producers. He is also active on Hive, so please give him a follow and some love.

I've had the chance during my travels to meet him. As I like to meet people from Hive where I travel, I drove by near his place and had a nice coffee together.

One of the famous persons I've had the chance to meet in here. He is constantly played on Sunshine Live, one of the most famous German radios for EDM.

He remained true to his style and keeps producing old school trance.

I like the sampling he is doing, like in Stars in Your Eyes is some The Prodigy inside, just need to hear carefully.

Happy birthday, Andy! Thank you for the music!!!

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