I Was SCARED To Face this Monster | Give Me God Of War


Hello, gamers of Hive. I hope you are doing well.

After a long time, I hopped into this nightmare. I wanted to play this sooner if not for the exams I have been having.

Without further ado, let's begin.



We continued from the entrance to the origin of the light of Alfheim.


This was a temple where the light of Alfheim was contained.


Its entrance was sealed shut, as usual, so we found a way beside it.


I went leftwards first. I saw a bell thing and Atreus further confirmed my hopes by saying that a Nornir chest was close. I was supercharged and started to aim my axe here and there.


I found that the chest was inside and the doors were shut. I cut the root and the door flung open. From there, I found all 3 of the bells.


This time they gave me a Blood Mead and just like that my maximum Rage meter had increased.


I went rightwards from the entrance and discovered Sindri's shop.


There I upgraded my Wrist Armor and an amazing Talisman. This one would activate a Realm Shift wherever I would do a last-second dodge, slowing surrounding enemies. It took 12000 Hacksilver and 4 Dust of Realms, I have no idea how I got that Dust.


Once the upgrades were done, I checked out my skill tree. I bought the Shoulder Barrage. While sprinting Bare-handed, I had to press R2 to perform a powerful shoulder-run attack that would send the enemies flying. I kept the rest of the Xp for later use. I went through the small hole beside the shop which opened into a huge underground structure.


Roots sprouted in the ceiling, connecting the surface.


As I progressed further, enemies started to pop out and these were flying all over the place. This place was a bit difficult but not hard enough when compared to the ones I had to face ahead. The battle started from 0:11:50 to 0:14:07.

I collected all the health stones lying around. And just ahead were a few Nightmare.


Now, because I logged into this game after such a long time I forgot that these would burst in your face if you cannot eliminate them. I tried to whack them with the Axe, but the burst flash jogged my memory. My HP was reduced to a slice after getting off of this place.

I traversed through and saw an inscription, the elves were impaled by tridents, and lanterns were placed on the tridents, horrible scenes.


Kratos jumped onto the walls as the road ended.


As we hung and made our way to the temple, we saw a white elf getting impaled by the soldiers. Atreus asked Kratos, "Why are they killing the elves?". Kratos replied, "This is the aftermath of a war boy".


We jumped off the ledge and were ready to take down the attackers.


They did the taking down part for 20 minutes straight. The fight lasted from 0:18:43 to 0:38:02. I collected all the HP lying about and cut the stalk of a tree.


That made the temple light up, and Atreus made a bridge of light.


The part ahead consisted of both Nightmares and the soldiers. This part was another tricky thing. This sequence starts at 0:40:45. The Nightmares were a pain and the soldiers were even more annoying.


The fight lasted for 7 minutes and my HP was low.


The place was elf-free and I cut the stalk of the tree. This triggered the luminosity of the site and the bridge of light formed by itself.


I went down the red path that almost resembled an ant colony’s path.


That led me to a place where roots hung from trees, as soon as I saw it I knew what had to be done. I had to cut down the roots in a sequence to open the doorway to the next zone. The place was cut down and the hole was open.


We went through it and saw the inside of the place, it looks a lot like those ant colonies with roots stretching from one corner to another.


We climbed the hive-like place and suddenly a dark elf popped out of the place, just beside where Kratos was climbing from. Kratos quickly shut his mouth while the guy struggled to scream and warn the others. Atreus quickly used his knife and jammed it inside the elf's head. Kratos put the guy in his resting place and continued their journey.

Suddenly, another elf approached them from a tunnel. Kratos banged his head so hard against the ground that the tunnel collapsed.


The father and son duo prevented their fall somehow.


This is the place where the light was being blocked. and landed just near a stalk. The place was held the Light of Alfheim, they had reached their destination. But, this place was crawling with dark elves.


They approach the stalk and instantly the place started to collapse as the Light of Alfheim started to pour out.


The angered Dark Elves approach the god of war in droves. Kratos pushes the Elves as a one-man army and Atreus covered their flank. I reached the Light with only a slice of HP. Atreus touched the light and saw that I had a burning effect.


Kratos hands Atreus his Axe and proceeds to enter the light.


Once he had entered, he doesn’t understand what was going on, only that he was there.


Here, he sees a glowing pouch, leading him. A voice of a young boy echoes through the place. He understands that it was none other than his son's. Atreus says that he and his father were poles apart, Krats didn't even want to teach him anything, and that it should've been him and not her. Kraos sees his son near the body of his mother, back in their hut.


A little further ahead was what resembled Fay, according to Kratos. Just as he was about to reach her, Kratos was pulled out of it. Atreus angrily shouts at his father, accusing him of leaving him, again.


Kratos tried to deny it but saw piles of bodies in the area. That's when he realized that he had been gone for a while but he had the thing he had come here for.


They reach the end of a bridge and saw a light stone. Kratos asks for the bow and imbues it with light. And, from then on, his arrows had light.


Amid the journey, I found another chest which held a rare enchantment called Fragmented Heart of Alfheim. This reduced the damage taken from the Dark Elves by 12% and stacks up to 36%, a very useful thing considering how the bash and thrash I received earlier.


We made more bridges before getting to the top of the place. Unsurprisingly, Dark Elves ambushed them there.


I finished the fight early and headed towards the exit. There was a golden chest nearby and but here too were Dark elves, ready for me. It didn't take much time to take them out. The chest gave me a Light Runic Attack called Strike of the Utgard.


The next room was blocked by light. So, Kratos took down the blue stone and the barrier was off. He then took the stone and place it on another pedestal.


Atreus shoots at the stone and inscriptions at the mural appeared. Atreus notes it down.

Just a little journey left for the exit, I hope.

And that was it for the day. An hour had passed and my playtime came to an end. Also, all the pics were taken from my own gameplay and thus I own them😁.

Thank you, guys, for reading so far, and see you legends at the next one!