The Surprise Attack | Closing Breach Aftermath | Dragon Age Inquisition


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P.s: The Elder One looks badass. Only, he looks equally sinister as well. I have the Qunari as my Herald but this guy picks up the Qunari like some fried chicken. The size difference was appalling.


The Envy demon was finished off at the Templar’s fort. Their knowledge of the true Seeker was null. They didn’t know when the demon infiltrated and took the form of the Seeker. To atone for their misconducts they were asked to join the Inquisition by none other than the Herald of Andraste. Back at Haven, some were for and some were against this decision. The inquisition gained another unwanted member but later approved of him by other inquisition members named Cole.
The Herald and the order of the Knights, now Inquisition members, went to the heart of the breach and sealed it off. The resulting shockwave knocked everyone off their feet.
A dawn of peace fell over Haven.


This Time

Cassandra And The Qunari were chatting by the edge of the place at Haven. Their thoughts of the beach, the small lingering ones(rifts) that still was present in places was still spewing out monsters.
Suddenly, Cullen arrives from behind the two and announces the commencement of an enemy attack.

Outside the gates of Haven was a man asking to open the gates. The Herald thought why not, there were people behind his back to take care of business if it went sideways.

A man by the name of Dorian warned them of an attack, led by the one know as Elder One.


The Elder one scouting the Area while his troops continued the March.

He also apologised for not being on time but others had to make sacrifices so that they don’t.
The leader of this surprise attack could be seen at the top of the mountain, his troops marching past him. It was the Elder One.


Cullen swiftly calls for battle stations. He prepares the men with courageous speech and asks them to follow the Herald.

The attack begins at night time. Protecting the left trebuchet was a top priority. The Herald went over and directed it to the hill at the top, this hill was facing the incoming enemy infantry. Random enemies such as the red Templars, mages and elves showed up to thwart that plan.
Once it faced the hill, the rope was cut and the trebuchet flanged the rock. The snow from the mountain covered the entire fleet that as approaching. They witnessed a momentary victory.
Without wasting time, they had to evacuate the place. The Herald went around the whole place looking for survivors at the burning shacks and huts and found some.

I hurried to my favourite spot, the shack where the songs were sung, truly marvellous voice.
Along the way, I crossed paths with those who wanted Haven to fall. They were crossing over thanks to the hole in the Palisade wall, from the row of the wooden wall a huge piece of wood fell over and thus giving them the opportunity to cross.


After successful evacuation to the Castle the members of the inquisition engaged in dialogue over their course of action in the next moments. They knew that the leader of opponent was approaching.
An elderly man in the chantry knew a secret passage from the castle, that would lead the civilians and them to safety.
The Herald decided to use himself as the bait while the others would hurry and escape.

The Herald and his party went outside and cleared off a route to the trebuchet and aimed at the mountain above Haven.


They couldn’t finish their task as the pet dragon of the Elder One cut them off.


This was when the Elden One finally showed himself.


His pet dragon surrounded the Herald’s back, cutting off support from allies and preventing his from running away.

He explained that it was his ritual that was ruined by the “pretender”. That he could’ve ripped open the heavens itself if not for the Herald.

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He tells that it was a guarantee that he would come for the anchor, the green thing that could close off the portals, from the Herald.

His name was Corypheus. He told the Herald that he would show the proper respect that Corypheus deserves, that the Herald would kneel.

With his quick moves, the Herald kicks off the trebuchet and the snow slides down.


The dragon and his master looked toward the flying rock. They realised the plan and the with a swift pull the dragon flew Corypheus to safety while our Herald saved himself somehow, by entering an underground tunnel system.

(All the screenshots were taken from my gameplay)

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