The Daily Leo #223 - Silvergate Shares fall after Crypto payments Suspend , Binance Chain Shows a 229% Surge



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Silvergate suspends crypto payments network; shares fall after-hours

Silvergate Capital Corp announced on Friday that they have discontinued Exchange Network (crypto payment network). This is a risk-based decision that they have taken and after this news their share price went down

Tesla is not the only company reviewing its Europe investment

Tesla is considering changing its investment strategy for Europe and many other multinational companies are planning to do the same. This is happening after U.S. President Joe Biden last year presented the Inflation Reduction Act and because of this such companies are exploring this option

Binance Chain registers a 229% surge in this metric

Binance Smart Chain is known for its cost-effective transactions and because of this many projects have chosen the chain to deploy their products. The chain recorded a big jump in its daily transaction volume over the week and this can be a reason for the investors to be happy

Bloomberg analyst says it is time to short crypto

According to Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone, digital currencies like bitcoin will continue to face challenges due to increasing interest rates. Bitcoin has still not reached its bottom and it may be premature to declare the bear market

Binance launches anti-scam campaign after Hong Kong pilot run

Scam is very common in the crypto space and its good to see that Binance as the exchange is trying to improve the situation here. Binance is going to launch a campaign to prevent scams by issuing targeted alerts to potential victims. They have partnered with law enforcement agencies across the globe to launch the Joint Anti-Scam Campaign and hope it helps to spread more awareness

LeoFinance Crosses 1,000 Monthly Active Users

LeoFinance launched Project Blank UI 2 weeks back and this resulted in significant growth in the number of active users in the last 2 weeks. There is 100% growth and this shows that Leofinance is on the right path of growth as we are aiming to achieve 5000 users this year

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