Larry Is Alive #150 September 24, 2023: I Am Alive Challenge


Hello everyone. Welcome to my Larry hunt for today the 24,th day of September, 2023. Gentlemen, Larry had a lovely 🌹 weekend rest after an exhaustive week filled with numerous activities. He went to church and thanked his creator for seeing him through the busy week. Now that the weekend is over, work resumes in earnest. But before Larry commences his deliveries for the day, he decides to have a look at today in #history.

Larry begins his look at today in history from Cambodia. He finds out that on this day in 1993, Norodom Sihanouk whose full name is Preah Bat Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk was crowned king of Cambodia for the second time.

From Cambodia, Larry moves over to the world of inventions. He finds out that on this day in 1960, the United States launched the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Enterprise.

From the world of inventions, Larry moves over to the world of tennis. He finds out that on this day in 1938, Don Budge won the US Open, becoming the first tennis player to win a Grand Slam title.

From tennis, Larry moves over to Iran. He finds out that on this day in 1902, Ruhollah Khomeini, also spelled Rūḥallāh Khomeynī, but whose original name was Ruhollah Mostafavi Musavi, Iranian Shiʿi cleric who led the movement that deposed Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1979 and served as Iran's supreme political and religious authority for the next ten years, was born in Khomeyn, Iran.

From Iran, Larry moves over to the USA. He finds out that on this day in 1930, John W. Young, whose full name is John Watts Young, a US astronaut and the first astronaut to make five—and later the first to make six—spaceflights, was born in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Finally, Larry rounds off his look at today in history from India. He finds out that on this day in 2004, Raja Ramanna, Indian nuclear physicist who was instrumental in the development of the country's nuclear weapons programme was born in Mumbai, India.

Having seen all these pieces of historical events, Larry zooms off to begin his daily deliveries.

Let's now move over to the hunt for Larry...

Larry the postman as usual went about his duties delivering mails and am sure you know you can also get paid for just finding him. On my path, I hunted and found Larry in three places, that is, at Listnerds, Leadsleap and CTPX!


With my hunt at Listnerds I read over ten mails to complete the task. Here is my proof.


For my hunt for Larry at Leadsleap, I viewed the required ads to complete the task. Here is my proof too.


I hunted Larry in CTPX by xploring the number of sites to qualify for the draws and complete the task.
Here is a my proof of my xploration...

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That's all for now so keep hunting for Larry the Postman and am sure you will definitely get paid.


Well done completing 3 steps in the Larry Delivers contest @alovely088, you have earned 5 tickets for the daily drawing.



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