found a red mushroom, and it grew at the same time.

healthy greetings always for all of us mushroom lovers, for sure on this special day we mushroom hunters gather here in the #fungifriday community
to show or display a collection of mushrooms that we have captured the image of,,
Likewise, I don't want to miss showing some pictures of the red mushrooms that I have saved for so long, that's all for me to display in this community that I am most proud of,,

if we talk about the types of mushrooms that exist or have ever grown on the surface of this earth, it is clear that there will never be an end to the story of a mushroom, because there are so many species of mushrooms and their colors also vary. various types of mushrooms,

there are large mushrooms, there are also small mushrooms, as well as color, if we count the colors of the mushrooms it is clear we don't have enough time because so many colors consist of mushrooms, and what I want to present this time is the color red, which is red is certainly very interesting for us,

the red one is a type of fungus that is small in size, the way it grows is also on the ground that has sawdust or wood chips that have rotted on the ground, that's where the bright red mushroom grows.

this is my contribution to the #fungfriday community organized by @ewkaw

warm greetings from me @alvonsohiver hopefully next Friday we can meet again.. healthy greetings always...