A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Rush


I see a young man in sitting down in an open space probably in a school or campus and diligently working with his laptop. I think he is running out of time to prepare his presentation

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Having travelled for the house warming party
James came in very late at night
He had little or no time to work on his presentation
It is time to make that presentation

Or else he will lose some very vital marks
Which will definitely impact on his final score
For the session

He woke up quite early to face the reality
But he needs the materials for the job
Like a man stung by bees
He took his laptop bag and left the hostel

Finally he spotted a cool centre
Sat down and begins work in earnest
This task must be completed
In less than two hours

Otherwise the teacher will send me packing
Our of his class for being
A lazy lad; that of course can't happen

With determination and courage
James began to work
And in less than two hours
Was able to harness some thoughts together

His slides were done professionally
And soon he has something to present
Albeit, a rushed work
It is better than nothing

In no distant time he joined others
In class and eargerly awaits his turn
To be called upon for presentation
His heart bounds faster that usual

For he knows the job was rushed
And he is not grounded with facts
Soon his name was called

He gave the sign of the cross
Picked up his laptop and made for the
Entrance door, with some trembling feet
May God save James!


This is my entry for the #freewritehouse "A picture is worth a thousand words".


I wonder why he didn't study at home. He's lucky he found an empty ace. It sounds as if he works better under pressure.


You know sometimes unfavourable conditions bring out the best in some individuals and maybe he is one of such. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate.